57% of CIOs say their organisations don’t have the right learning mechanisms

57 percent of CIOs say their organisations don’t have the right learning mechanisms.jpg
Will Astbury
by Will Astbury 21 June 2017

A recent survey has revealed that 57% of CIOs believe that their organisations do not have the right learning mechanisms in place.

The report ‘The Changing Shape of IT’, which was produced by MWD Advisors in association with CIO WaterCooler, suggested that CIOs felt their organisations lacked the learning and support processes to enable their current staff to meet the needs of their business over the next 12-24 months.

This trend has been recognised by the consultants in Crimson’s IT recruitment agency. We have seen an upturn in enquiries from CIOs that are looking to add key capabilities to their team to support the launch of their digital transformation strategies.

We are also starting to see IT leaders from organisations with smaller budgets building skills development programmes. These organisations can’t offer as much as the richer companies, in terms of wages, to the most talented tech minds so they are teaching the skills to young people instead.

The report revealed that CIOs are increasing staff levels around six key areas:

  1. Data, insights, and analytics
  2. Information security and business continuity
  3. Business analysis and architecture
  4. Business relationship management
  5. Application development and testing
  6. Infrastructure and application administration and support.

76% of respondents to the survey wanted to increase headcount for skilled data, analytics, and insight personnel. 56% wanted more information security and businesses architecture skills.

Putting it all together.

CIOs are becoming increasingly concerned about the skills shortage in the market place and now are looking for alternative ways to develop those skills in-house.

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