Encouraging IT Collaboration and Teamwork Beyond Boundaries

Mark Britton
by Mark Britton 11 April 2019

Teamwork – it’s the cornerstone of any successful organization and a must-have for achieving any measurable level of success.

It’s not just that one person can’t do it all. It’s the fact that the combined skillsets of many individuals are superior to the total of all of them.

Teammates can complement one another’s strengths and make up for each other’s shortcomings. This balance is where companies find most of their success. Collaboration and teamwork offer plenty of benefits, but they are not always easy to achieve.

Even the most skilled teams may struggle because of boundaries. Remote teams working across different locations, individuals collaborating across different time zones – there are plenty of examples.

Here’s how smart technology can help boost cohesion among teams, even in the face of boundaries that once stopped them.

Why Collaboration and Teamwork Are So Important

For some people, teamwork is a value that isn’t critical to the success of their business. They may find it more pleasant when the workforce of a company is getting along – but do their combined efforts increase the chance of success?

The answer is yes. A study was done where collaborative workers were compared to solitary workers. Those who collaborated were more likely to stick to their tasks, staying with them for 64% longer. They also reported lower levels of fatigue, higher levels of engagement, and an overall higher level of success.

In the digital age, collaboration has taken on a new image. Before, it was just about getting people together for in-person meetings or the occasional conference call. The internet has changed the way companies think about both technology and teamwork.

IT specialists know this is one of the more important aspects of their job. By improving communications among their workers via a robust digital infrastructure, they can boost many metrics.

There are many benefits to better collaboration and communication between teams. About a third of employees have said a lack of communication has affected their morale. Communication is important, but it isn’t synonymous with collaboration.

Sure, the two are connected – but true collaboration is achievable through smart tools designed for this exact purpose.

How to Facilitate Collaborative Efforts with Technology

The internet has changed the way companies think about collaboration. Teamwork is not just about getting everyone in the same room now – and since many companies have remote team members, it can’t just be about that anymore.

Tools like Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Power BI, and Logic Apps have all changed the game for teamwork. Now teams have solutions to help them work together even if they’re separated by hundreds of miles or multiple time zones.

Platforms conducive to teamwork can provide a lot of tools. For example, a platform can be integrated across devices remotely. So, no matter where team members are working, whether on PC or mobile, they can combine their efforts.

Think of how handy it is to be able to share and edit documents from anywhere. In prior decades, mailing and fax were the only options out there for remote collaboration. Now the digital age has enabled tools like Microsoft’s to function, and to provide a productivity solution that offers advanced file sharing.

Sharing files is an important part of teamwork, but it isn’t the only aspect people must focus on when working together. There’s also the possibility for virtual meetings – complete with whiteboards, polls, and other interactive components that help facilitate collaboration.

With this platform, users can make a hub for voice chat, file sharing, and even collaborative projects through the use of custom apps.

Building Apps and Customizing Technology for Success

Every team is different, so there are understandably different needs for technology. How can a team find the right app for their setup, their industry, and their goal? Instead of looking for the perfect fit, many companies are opting to create their own.

PowerApps lets users create innovative apps with a point-and-click design platform. There’s no need to delve into the coding, testing, and launch procedures in the traditional sense. Even teams that don’t have a coder can utilize this tool to create apps quickly.

These apps can even connect to legacy or custom systems using Azure Functions. For companies who are worried about whether their tech tools mesh together, PowerApps is an innovative solution.

Teamwork isn’t just about bringing people together – it’s about creating an environment conducive to productivity. Apps like these go beyond file sharing and video chats. They provide places where employees make work on the same projects using custom programs.

No matter how far they are apart or how many hours they are separated by in time zones, collaboration can be made easy with smart platforms.

Collaborate Successfully with Smart Technology

Collaboration and teamwork are values every company should strive to implement into the work environment. It’s important for IT managers to keep track of how well a team is (or isn’t) communicating. To improve collaborative efforts between teammates, turn to technology.

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