Find out what transpired at the Microsoft conference - Inspire 2017

Will Astbury
by Will Astbury 15 August 2017

At the Microsoft conference – Inspire 2017 several big announcements were made.

  1. New apps and LinkedIn integrations have been made available for Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  2. Azure Stack, Microsoft’s hybrid cloud platform, is now available to order.
  3. ISV Cloud Embed was announced. This provides independent software vendors with Microsoft building blocks for app development.
  4. Microsoft and its partners will be able to sell the company’s commercial offerings as a family. This package will be called Microsoft 365.
  5. Microsoft will be making a material investment into ‘co-sell incentives’ to support and boost partner sales.

More details about these announcements can be found here.

Inspire take places in the US in July every year and is attended by around 18,000 Microsoft partners. This year Crimson’s Head of Cloud Services, Tom Cadman, attended the Microsoft conference in Washington DC in search of the next wave of tech that will support Crimson’s clients’ objectives.

In the August episode of The Sleepless CIO Show, Crimson’s monthly webinar that explores Microsoft solutions, Tom gave an insider’s view of the conference and shared his key findings from Inspire.

Click the video below to listen to Tom’s thoughts and see his presentation about the Microsoft conference.


If you’re interested in the latest news about Microsoft, sign-up to watch the next episode of The Sleepless CIO Show. In September 2017, Crimson will be discussing IPaaS and the advantages of using Azure as your Microsoft integration platform of choice. Just click the image below to find out more.

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