Google App Maker has shut down: it's time to move to Power Platform

Google App Maker has shut down - choose Power Platform
Emily Schilling
by Emily Schilling 27 January 2021

On the 19th January, the Google App Maker product was shut down due to low-usage. App Maker data that is stored within Cloud SQL is safe and remains unchanged, and it will still follow the policies your GCP account established. Depending on whether your apps are active or inactive, there are different actions you need to take.

If your app in inactive, it will have simply stopped working on the 19th January. Whereas for active apps, another product will have to take care of the functionality. Your app cannot migrate to a new platform, but fortunately many platforms provide very similar features – including Microsoft’s Power Platform.

Power Platform is a great alternative to Google’s low-code business app builder, and it can connect with your other Microsoft solutions – Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure and many more. Including Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents, Microsoft’s Power Platform brings all of your data together for a single source of the truth, allowing you to gain a fuller picture.

Power BI provides data-driven insights with up-to-date analytics, Power Apps allows anyone to build a custom-built app to solve business problems, Power Automate boosts productivity by saving time and effort, and Power Virtual Agents creates no-code chatbots to increase customer satisfaction and engagement. The Power Platform solutions gather data, improve efficiency and enable more effective reporting and analysis - helping you to achieve business goals. 

To find out more about Power Platform, or to arrange an Art of the Possible workshop to explore alternatives, get in touch.


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