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Microsoft Build 2023 - Keynote Speech Takeaways

With the sudden leap forward in AI, we are witnessing exciting or scary times, depending on your point of view. 

Here is a summary of the latest news from Microsoft, taken from the Satya Nadella's keynote speech this week at Microsoft Build 2023, its conference for Microsoft's worldwide developer community. The speech provides useful insight into the direction of travel Microsoft is taking and the growing influence AI is having on its product roadmap.

  • The developer stack is undergoing significant changes, with advancements in tooling, productivity, and workflow. Microsoft is focused on bringing back the joy and flow of programming for developers.

  • Microsoft is infusing AI capabilities across all layers of the software stack. They have introduced various Copilot features, such as Copilot in GitHub, Power Platform, Microsoft 365, Viva, Dynamics 365, Bing, Edge, and more, to enhance productivity and provide AI-driven assistance.

  • Microsoft is bringing search grounding in Bing to ChatGPT, offering more up-to-date and relevant information. They plan to expand this collaboration with OpenAI to bring the best of Bing to the ChatGPT experience.

  • Copilot is being extended to Windows, making every user a power user. This feature will enhance productivity and provide helpful suggestions across different apps on the Windows platform.

  • Microsoft is launching the Copilot stack, allowing developers to build their own copilots for their applications. They provide the necessary AI infrastructure, foundation models, AI orchestration, and extensibility options.

  • The interoperability between ChatGPT and Bing plugins allows developers to write plugins once and have them run everywhere. This opens up opportunities for developers to reach billions of users across various surface areas.

  • Microsoft is showcasing the use of copilots in different scenarios, such as integrating ChatGPT with Zillow and Instacart for real-time queries, using Microsoft 365 Copilot for drafting legal contracts and tracking website changes, and employing Windows Copilot for system configuration and productivity enhancements.

  • AI Studio is introduced as a comprehensive toolchain for building intelligent AI apps and copilots. It provides features like model training, data grounding, vector indexing, AI safety, and compliance and oversight.

  • Microsoft emphasizes the importance of AI safety and has integrated it into the everyday toolchain, including testing and compliance processes.

Overall, Microsoft is focused on empowering developers with AI capabilities, improving productivity, and providing a seamless experience across various platforms and applications.

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