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Improve the way you work with the new Microsoft Dataverse Platform

Microsoft Dataverse is an Application Programming Interface, known as an API. Many of the Power Platform features can interact with Dataverse directly, or through built-in connectors which allows data to sit securely and connected in one place. Think of it as a series of apps which can come together to share data across multiple devices.

One of the key components of Microsoft Dataverse is the new capabilities they have enabled through Microsoft Teams. If you are currently a Teams user then listen up, as now through Microsoft Dataverse for Teams you have access to an incredible data platform for no extra costs, and if you are not currently using Microsoft Teams here is what you are missing out on!


Improve Work Effectiveness Through Power Apps In Teams

Now within Microsoft Teams you have the ability to build low-code apps right in the hub of your Teams app. For example, in the current climate, you may need an office seat booking app to manage the number of employees in the office in order to meet social distancing guidelines. This can be done easily through Microsoft Dataverse for Teams.

You can also create quick and highly effective PowerApps to meet your business's needs, allowing all members of staff to have quick and easy access to the app in the hub of the Microsoft Teams.

The great news is Microsoft Dataverse for Teams is supported by most existing Teams licenses!


Take Advantage Of The Pre-Built App Templates Available

Through Microsoft Dataverse for Teams, there are several pre-built app templates for you to dive in and use.

Pre-built templates have several advantages to them:

  • Customisable - All app templates are built out and ready for deployment straight away, but are easily customisable to fit your unique needs.
  • Plug and play experience - No coding is required to deploy the apps, making the process of deploying smooth and stress free.
  • Detailed documentation & Support - All apps include end-to-end documentation, to help with deployment and configuration steps.

Examples of Pre-built Templates

Here are some pre-existing apps you could get your hands on.

  • Ask Away - A Microsoft Teams bot which enables users to conduct Question and Answer sessions within Teams! This is a great tool for allowing colleagues to come together and ask questions, which will help to improve the effectiveness of meetings over Microsoft Teams.
  • Attendance - An app which can be pinned within a Team. Users can mark their attendance for various activities such as learning and training, which allows team members to see each others progress.
  • Great Ideas - The Great Ideas app allows for creativity and innovation within your organisation. The app allows for employees to share ideas across Teams, allowing peers to discuss ideas and vote for the best proposals.

If you would like to find out more information in regards to how Microsoft Dataverse can improve your business, or to see examples of the work we have done then get in touch.