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Planning for success: How to guarantee your Microsoft deployments fly not fail

Planning and preparation is a fundamental part of business success. In fact, in the words of the late, great Benjamin Franklin, ‘By failing to plan, you are planning to fail.’

Yet in today’s 24/7, digitally-savvy world, where we want everything bigger, bolder, better and faster, these two traditional business essentials are fast-becoming somewhat of a rarity in many of today’s modern working environments.

Yes, planning and preparation may not necessarily be as shiny or standout as some of the 21st century techniques that are being deployed these days, but they’re tried-and-tested methods that have worked (and continue to work) for organisations of all sizes.

Lack of planning and preparation, particularly where your software’s concerned, can result in you winding up with the hassle of troubleshooting and having to deal with technical hiccups and headaches that not only sap your time, but your resources and budget.

Taking the time to plan can make all the difference between making sure your next Microsoft deployment happens without a glitch and you having to go back to the drawing board to rethink your strategy. We know which outcome we prefer…

Understand the value

Planning isn’t the same as preparing. It’s an approach that helps ensure you understand the value that can be gained from your deployment. How will the Microsoft products and/or services you’ve set your sights on fit within your environment? Do they meet the needs of your workforce and business requirements? And are you incorporating the very latest Microsoft best practices to help reduce risks and deployment costs?

It’s key questions like these that will enable you to plan and prepare for a successful deployment time-and-time again. But taking a step back and asking yourself these questions obviously takes time and resource, which not all organisations have of bundles of, if any at all.

Dedicated planning support

It’s precisely why we’ve developed our software assurance planning services, to help businesses of all sizes understand the value that can be achieved from their Microsoft deployments and plan the solution.

Our planning consultants will work closely with you on-site to help you evaluate how best to deploy a range of Microsoft solutions on premises, in the cloud or within a hybrid environment.

Flexible service

We’ll also help you assess how Microsoft’s offerings support your organisation and address any key implementation questions and concerns based on your specific requirements. Our services, which are tailored to our clients’ needs, are available for 1, 3, 5, 10 or 15 days. Such is our level of expertise, that we offer a comprehensive range of planning services, including:

  • Desktop deployment planning (Office, Windows)
  • Skype for Business and Exchange deployment
  • SharePoint deployment planning
  • Dynamics deployment planning
  • SQL server deployment planning
  • Private cloud, management and virtualisation deployment planning
  • Public cloud, Microsoft Azure deployment planning
  • Developer tools deployment planning

There’s a lot to be said for taking the time to plan, particularly when you’ve committed significant time, resource and budget into investments as large-scale and impactful as Microsoft products and services. It may mean that your deployment may require more of your time in the first instance, but you can rest assured it’ll need less of your time post-implementation and in the long-run.

You can put your project on the right path by applying for a free 3-hour project planning workshop with Crimson's team of project planning experts.