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Why you should attend: The Architect Exchange


This week we caught up with Crimson’s Andy Basham, who is hosting the Architect Exchange event on 21st of August.

What is the Architect Exchange?

Andy: It’s a forum for networking and ideas. The event takes place twice a year in London. As a specialist in IT Solutions and IT Recruitment over the years Crimson have built up a large network of Architects and IT leaders. We identified an opportunity to facilitate the sharing of knowledge around IT Architecture and its function. Our clients tell us that they find the Exchange a useful, informative and personable event.

What’s the format of the event?

Andy: It’s an informal evening event. We normally have a speaker and a theme based on what’s happening in the current business environment. I host the event and our guests can contribute by asking questions and sharing best practice, or you can simply sit back and take it all in. It’s normally a group of around 30 of us and we also enjoy some drinks and a pizza or two. It’s a really great way to talk to people who are facing the same challenges as you and its a vehicle for expanding your professional network.

Who is the event aimed at?

Andy: IT Architects or anybody who has a technical background or role.

Can you tell us a little bit more about the Digital Transformation theme?

Andy: In essence, digital transformation positions the business in-line with the digital age. It’s about transforming the business by reviewing practices and taking charge of new technology to prevent a takeover from shadow technology. It’s the role of the IT Architect to identify opportunities and find solutions. Our guests are going to be talking about the tools and techniques they have used to transform businesses and the methodology behind their approach.

Who is speaking at the event?

Andy: Martin Ferguson. Martin is the founder of Azured. Martin has extensive experience in providing Enterprise Architecture services, specifically Microsoft Technologies in the cloud space. Martin has worked with IBM, Lucent Worldwide Services and BT Global Services. Martin is currently delivering a Digital Transformation programme for ITE Group, the programme is driven by Cloud Services and Big Data.

The Architect Exchange is taking place in London from 6pm on Wed, 21 August 2019.

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