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Chatting sells: Microsoft's Virtual Agent closes deals with AI technology

Live chat is now a digital tool found on a wide variety of websites, from e-commerce to Government-owned sites. While live chat is becoming more and more popular, it is very easy to get them wrong - whether customers are waiting hours for an answer, or the bots running the chat  function aren't dealing with the problem. However, when done effectively, live chat can be the key to converting more appointments and booking reservations. With Covid-19 impacting every industry, live chat can be a step in the right direction for housing associations or homebuilders who are missing face-to-face interaction with customers.  

Customers thrive on flexibility, and during these times of hardship, it's more important than ever to offer a variety of communication methods to customers. From marketing suites, to call centres, customers need options to suit their wants and needs. High-quality live chat systems provide flexibility for the customer, which they can access at any time, wherever they are. Although you shouldn't stop face-to-face or telephone interactions with your customers, if live chat works well, it can ease pressures and reduce costs spent on the other communication channels.  

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In an ideal world, the sales team would be answering each live chat message themselves, offering a personal experience that is more likely to close deals. Unfortunately, this isn't possible - but Microsoft's Virtual Agent provides a solution.  

Powered by AI, Virtual Agent can be combined with Dynamics 365 for Sales and Marketing to take your live chat to the next level. Enquiries are automatically responded to, and bookings can be made through the live chat which are then tracked through CRM. AI detects customer enquiries and gives appropriate feedback but also enables sales agents to intercept at any point. As Virtual Agent is a Dynamics 365 tool, there are the added benefits of lead scoring and tracking, alongside the advantage of understanding the customers' behaviour through their history.  

Live chat doesn't have to be formal and monotonous. With Virtual Agent, live chat can send a more personal message when a customer is looking at a specific housing development, perhaps asking if they're interested in living in the area. The same theory can be applied when the customer is looking at options and extras; live chat can ask if they're still interested during the conversation.  

Start using live chat today with Virtual Agent by Microsoft.  

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