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IT jobs advice: Get IT recruitment agencies to take you seriously

In my previous blog post ‘How to build a relationship with an IT recruitment agency’, I discussed the important role that IT recruitment agencies should play in your career progression strategy. But it's not always easy to get recruiters to buy into what you’re offering.

In the hyper competitive IT jobs market, a driven specialist IT recruitment consultant with a strong network could be the difference between you landing your dream job and being unemployed for months before being forced to accept an unsuitable opportunity. Therefore, it is critical that you know how to behave to get the most from this important relationship.

This article shares five steps you should take to help you get IT recruitment consultants to take you seriously:

Step one – Show them respect: There are a lot of negative comments spoken about recruitment consultants by other professionals. Some people are very standoffish, or even aggressive, when they hear the word ‘recruitment’. Often, candidates don’t remember which agencies they’ve been approached by, let alone the names of the consultants they have spoken with. You wouldn’t treat a prospect, a client, or your accountant like that.

If you want to be a standout IT candidate, treat recruitment consultants as you would a client. You’re selling your credentials to them! By treating them professionally, they are more likely to go the extra mile for you. In addition, make a note of who you’ve spoken to, so you can follow-up and begin to build relationships.

Step two – Show them you’re serious: Registering with multiple IT recruitment agencies, is like saying you don’t believe that a single agency can deliver for you. It may also undermine your capabilities, as recruitment consultants may wonder why you have had to speak to so many agencies before getting a job. Furthermore, it may make the recruitment consultants less likely to tell you about opportunities, because they would be concerned that you might tell their competitors about their current campaigns.

We recommend that you only register with one or two specialist IT recruitment agencies that have a good reputation for delivering the roles you’re looking for.

Step three – Ask for advice and be open to feedback: When you ask an IT recruiter for help, you are saying “I trust your professional opinion” and “I will listen and make the changes you suggest”. This kind of behaviour can really earn you respect.

Step four – Help IT recruiters to promote you: You need to arm your IT recruitment partners with more than a CV that lists your career history. They need interesting anecdotes and tangible evidence that they can share with prospective employers. We suggest you develop your personal brand. Click here to find out more about how to build your brand.

Step five – Look for a long-term relationship: A good IT recruitment consultant will not only be able to find you multiple roles, which is particularly useful if you’re a contractor or you’re starting out in your career. Furthermore, if you’re an IT leader they can also help you to recruit like-minded people into your team. Ultimately, a strong relationship with an IT recruiter can stand you in good stead for the rest of your career.

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