20 Questions To Ask Cloud Service Providers

Will Astbury
by Will Astbury 27 May 2016

How-will-CIOS-spend-their-budgets-in-2016.pngWith agility, accessibility, and adaptability high on many CIOs agendas, more and more organisations are moving parts of their operations into the cloud.

However, transitioning to the cloud is a process that needs to be carefully managed. You need to choose a cloud services provider that can give your organisation the technological knowledge and strategic implementation that it requires.

As with any industry, cloud service providers can range from small innovative competitively-priced start-ups to large international companies offering a range of services and a range of data centres across the globe.

To help you choose the right cloud partner, Crimson’s IT consultants have put together a list of 20 questions that you can ask of potential cloud service providers to your business:

  1. What is your approach to compliance and risk management?
  2. Do you have audit results to prove compliance?
  3. Who owns the cloud infrastructure?
  4. Is data kept in a database with other customers’ data?
  5. If data is stored in a shared environment, how secure is it?
  6. Can your company comply with the regulatory requirements of different countries?
  7. What types of cloud services do you offer and which clients utilise these services?
  8. Do you perform cloud migrations on a regular basis? How many have you performed?
  9. Will the migration process cause any interruptions to our operations or services?
  10. If you aren’t managing the end-to-end migration process, how are gaps addressed?
  11. If my organisation’s IT department is involved in the migration, is their role clearly defined in mutually acceptable terms?
  12. Does your SaaS solution support complete, end-to-end business processes?
  13. Will we need to tweak or rewrite any of our applications?
  14. Are social and mobile capabilities embedded in those business processes?
  15. How have you addressed infrastructure resiliency with regards to security and disaster recovery?
  16. Will we be able to give certain users access to data anytime, anywhere and be able to restrict access to others?
  17. If we want to connect ERP apps with HCM or CRM apps, is that integration built in?
  18. How many data centres do you have around the world?
  19. What are the costs, how are they paid, can you provide a long and short term summary of these costs?
  20. What are the contract termination terms?

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