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Microsoft 365 tenant to tenant migration

Microsoft Office 365 tenant to tenant migration is a complex, but common requirement that is often a lot trickier than expected. Even if customers have an internal IT team, the company will still require external help and support through the migration process. This is where Crimson can help.  

Spring 2020 saw major changes for all businesses around the world as COVID-19 forced companies to adapt the way the work. More people than ever were working from home and IT systems were rushed to the cloud – increasing the need to merge Office 365 environments. This wasn’t the only driver towards tenancy migration, COVID-19 had a drastic impact on finances and security leading to company splits and acquisitions.  

The most common reason to migrate is a merger, or acquisition. When a company acquires another company, business units have to be merged together to aid in management and organisation. When a company acquires just a section of another business, the business which has split will also require tenancy migration as the sold section moves to the new tenant. Another reason for tenancy migration is simply to reduce inefficiencies which in turn streamlines operations and reduces costs 

Microsoft currently don’t support this migration path, and there will always be business downtime with tenancy migration projects, increasing risks associated with the process. Office 365 encompasses SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive and retention policies, and on-premise Activity Directory may also need to be migrated. The migration process is complicated, but Crimson is able to support companies and reduce the likelihood of risks.  

Crimson have a defined templated process, and we’re aware of all the potential issues throughout the migration, thanks to our breadth of experience. Working as an extension of your team, Crimson’s migration roadmap migrates Office 365 as smoothly, and quickly as possible. Taking you through discovery, planning, migration and hypercare, the migration roadmap chooses the best migration strategy for you and supports you through each stage.  

Find out more about how Crimson can support your tenant to tenant migration in this short video