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What is Microsoft Power Automate? And what can it do?

Microsoft Power Automate is a tool that allows users to automate tasks. It can be used to automate tasks within an organisation or across different organisations, and it can even automate personal day-to-day tasks. Microsoft Power Automate is part of the Microsoft Power Platform, which also includes tools such as Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Power Apps.

What can Power Automate do?

Microsoft Power Automate has many features that make it a powerful automation tool. One of the most powerful features is the ability to connect to different data sources. Microsoft Power Automate can connect to over 200 different data sources, including popular Microsoft applications such as Dynamics 365, Teams, and Outlook, as well as 3rd party data sources.

Another prominent feature of Microsoft Power Automate is the ability to create custom connectors. Custom connectors allow Microsoft Power Automate to connect to any data source, even if there is no existing connector. This allows organisations to integrate and combine data, avoiding data silos and creating a single view of the customer.

Microsoft Power Automate also has a robust set of features for managing and deploying automation flows. Power Automate includes a Flow Studio that allows users to visually create and manage their automation flows. Flow Checker is built into Power Automate, allowing users to test their automation flows before deploying them, avoiding any potential issues that could lead to inaccurate data.

Microsoft Power Automate includes many features that make it a powerful tool for automating tasks, including the ability to connect to different data sources, the ability to create custom connectors, and the ability to manage and deploy automation flows. Looking to automate repetitive tasks? Power Automate is your solution.

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