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Rapid app development with Power Platform and Crimson's unique approach

When considering new IT applications, many businesses spend months agreeing the top priorities and key details. By the time the application project has been completed, the priorities have usually changed, leaving the application not fit for purpose. Not only is this a waste of resources, it is also incredibly frustrating.

This common problem is one of many reasons why applications need to be built quickly, whether businesses choose to do this in-house, or pass the responsibility over to consultancies, such as Crimson. This way, pressing business needs are met before the environment has evolved.

Crimson recently used Microsoft’s Power Platform to develop a Performance Development System in half the time and at a third of the cost of that estimated by other consultancies.  

This was down to two key elements:

  1. Power Platform’s rapid development nature allows for on-demand changes that streamline modifications, so consultants can instantly adjust the application.
  2. Crimson’s Iterate methodology for project delivery closely involves key stakeholders to quickly understand requirements, allowing for development to commence in parallel to the planning, testing, and production phases of the project.

What is Power Platform?

Microsoft’s Power Platform consists of Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI, providing toolsets which help meet customer needs at a rapid pace.

Power Apps is used to produce low-code apps to solve business problems, whereas Power Automate is used to control the flow of information between people and systems and Power BI improves business intelligence with dashboards and reports. Microsoft’s Dataverse platform glues these together and stores the underlying data, which also underpins Dynamics 365.


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