Enquiry portal integration with Dynamics 365

Emily Schilling
by Emily Schilling 7 October 2020


Rightmove, Zoopla and other enquiry portals are now the go-to websites for many new home seekers. With 63% of people finding their new home via a portal, many homebuilders make the smart decision to use the portals to aid sales. However, there are downsides to using these property portals. With enquiries coming through different channels, valuable selling time can be wasted. A simple way to get all of the benefits of enquiry portals is to integrate them into your Microsoft Dynamics 365 system. By doing this, it gives you more time for customer engagement and selling, increasing profit in the long run.

Enquiries are automatically entered into Dynamics 365 from the portal, keeping all of your enquiries together. This not only this saves time by organising enquiry information, but it also reduces the chance of duplicate data. Dynamics 365 Sales and Marketing can then be used to score leads, helping the sales team to focus on the deals that are most likely to be successful. Instead of wasting time on customers that aren't ready to buy, AI-driven insights reveal which customers are ready to close a deal. Blog Images (2)Dynamics 365 Sales and Marketing investigates the events and behaviours that contribute to successful sales and tracks them to help you plan for the future. With all of your enquiries coming through this powerful tool, you can target all of your customers whilst saving time and energy. 

With all of your data in one place, Dynamics 365 can track when a previous customer is ready to start looking for a new home. Without integrating enquiry portals, you may not have realised that they were a previous customer. This gives you the opportunity to proactively engage with them on a new development or existing plots that could be aligned to their house buying requirements. Whether it's a previous customer or a new enquiry, it gives you insight into their history, offering a personal response which is more likely to become a successful reservation/sale. 

By integrating with Dynamics 365, it also takes care of any GDPR worries. With data protection and governance becoming increasingly more important, Dynamics 365 can lighten the load when enquiries come in. The Data Subject Request (DSR) portal fulfils GDPR requests, allowing customers to request to access, delete or export any of their personal data. Compliance Manager for Dynamics 365 can also help you to meet compliance regulations, aiding in recording and managing your GDPR compliance activities. These trusted tools keep your customer's data safe and puts your mind at ease. 

Data stored within Dynamics 365, such as any information on plots or developments can be fed through the enquiry portals, meaning build data is only entered once. This can then be pushed directly to the enquiry portal site, such as Rightmove or Zoopla, continuing to save time.

Slick operations mean happy customers. The integration of enquiry portals with Dynamics 365 saves time, organises your customers and offers additional security. 

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